Black mass draws crowd of protesters


Despite the cloudy Sunday evening, Hundreds of people stood in front of the Civic Center, 201 N Walker, Oklahoma City. The black mass leader said that the purpose of the black mass was to mock the Catholic Church so that people would not be afraid of it. Many different religious groups came together in protest. Including the well known Westboro Baptist Church. WBC came to protest the protesters. One of WBC members shouted from a megaphone, that Catholic Church were idols worshippers and that they were child molesters. Which the Vatican tries to conceal. The Hebrew Israelites Marched in stomping and yelling. They read from the Kings bible and tried convince the African Americans and the Latinos that they were the true Israelites. Many Caucasians didn’t take to kind to that message. One Caucasian lady tried to put her hands on on one of the Israelites head. The woman had a look on here face like how dare you tell her that her Jesus is black. Oklahoma City Atheist’s group questioned the traditional belief system of the protesters denying God and make statements such as God must have got bored when he created people. And that the god of the bible was a rapist for get a child pregnant white his son. There was some truth hidden in all the confusion and change to suite people’s belief system. Religion Is a tool and can be used to destroy and separate people. Two black people with the same problem arguing about Jesus and Moses. That one is more right than other. Religion must be done away with if we are to go forward as a people. Religion is a blinding force that teaches blind submission and breeds hatred towards other people.



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