Oklahoma woman asked to sign a petition telling Muslims to “go home”


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DEL CITY, Okla. – A metro woman says fear about her religion led to an unusual encounter this week.

The Muslim woman says a woman asked her to sign a petition asking that all Muslims “go home.”

The run-in took place this week outside a gas station in Del City.

“Muslims are a peaceful people,” said Deb Beneta. “I wish people would see us as humans and not this mythical Muslim monster.”

Unfortunately for Deb, fear of the religion may be near an all-time high.

ISIS, the group of Islamic extremists known for beheading Western hostages in the name of Islam,  and a brutal attack at Vaughan Foods has many people on edge about the religion.

“Being Muslim doesn’t mean you’re from another country. I am an American,” said Beneta.

This week, Deb says a woman approached her and asked her to sign a strange petition.


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